Fall 2018

September 28: J. R. Skok, SETI Institute, Seeking Signs of Life in Ancient Martian Hot Springs

October 5: Margaret Avery, UC Berkeley, TBD

October 12: Sylvain Barbot, Earth Observatory of Singapore, Inside the subduction earthquake factory

October 19: S. Mostafa Mousavi, Stanford University, TBD

October 26: Virginia Gulick, SETI/NASA Ames, TBD

November 2: Jared Kluesner, USGS, TBD

November 9: Wes Thelen, USGS, TBD

November 16: Maitrayee Bose, Arizona State University, How extraterrestrial dust grains constrain the early history of the Solar Nebula 

November 30: Biondo Biondi, Stanford, TBD

December 7: Dustin Schroeder, Stanford, Laying the Foundation for Europan Radio Glaciology


Spring 2018

April 6: Christine Ruhl, UC Berkeley, Spatiotemporal Variation of Stress Drop During the 2008 Mogul, Nevada Earthquake Swarm: Implications for the Interplay of Fluid Flow, Faulting, and Aseismic Slip

April 13: Robin Matoza, UC Santa Barbara, Seismo-acoustic signatures of explosive volcanic eruptions

April 20: Jeff McGuire, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Offshore Adventures in the Cascadia Subduction Zone: Examining Stress and Slip on the Quietest Plate Boundary

April 27: Andrew Poppe, UC Berkeley Interplanetary dust: the view from near and far

May 4: Noah Randolph-Flagg, UC Berkeley, Hydrothermal systems at Long Valley Caldera

May 11: Paul Betka, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Structure of the IndoBurman Ranges: mechanical stratification during extreme sediment accretion

May 11: Abram H. Clark, Naval Postgraduate School, Yielding in granular materials: from riverbeds to renormalization group

June 1: Chris McKay, NASA Ames Research Center, Terraforming Mars: Science, ethics and current events

June 8: Myriam Telus, EPS UCSC, Carbonates in meteorites: tracing fluid and ice composition in planetesimals


Winter 2018

Jan. 12: Alexandre Schubnel, Ecole Normal Superior, Paris, Rupture processes during laboratory earthquakes

Jan. 19: Clara Yoon, Stanford, Big data analytics for finding small earthquakes

Jan. 26: James Keane, Caltech, The Wibbly Wobbly Moon: the Rotational Dynamics of the Moon Over Time

Feb. 2: Eduardo Bendek, NASA Ames Research Center, Space Telescopes design for direct imaging and mass measurement of exoplanets

Feb. 9: Noel Bartlow, University of Missouri, Insights into slow slip events in Cascadia and New Zealand from a variety of geodetic data sources 

Feb. 16: Tom Rockwell, San Diego State University, Architectural Characteristics of Fault Zones in Southern California: Physical Damage, Chemical Transformations and Implications for Dynamic Rupture

Feb. 23: Jessie Dotson, NASA Ames Research Center, The NASA Ames Asteroid Threat Assessment Project

Mar. 2: William Frank, USC, A multidisciplinary investigation of the slow grind of tectonic release

Mar. 9: David Goldsby, UPenn, Experimental Constraints on the Ice Flow Law: Implications for Glaciers, Ice Sheets, and Icy Moons

Mar. 16: Thorne Lay, EPS UCSC, Resolving the up-dip extent of slip in large subduction zone earthquakes and its influence on aftershock distributions


Fall 2017

Sept. 29: Jing Luan, UC Berkeley, Enceladus: Three-stage limit cycle and current state

Oct. 06: Philip Carter, UC Davis, Collisional modification of planetary compositions

Oct. 13: Baptiste Rousset, UC Berkeley, Searching for slow slip events hidden in the noise of GPS and InSAR time series

Oct. 20: Alicia Hotovec-Ellis, USGS, Slips, Screams, and Migrating Things: Repeating earthquakes as a toolbox to understand and monitor volcanoes

Oct. 27: Gwanghyeok Ju, Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea’s Mission to the Moon

Nov. 3: Asaf Inbal, UC Berkeley, Sources of deep episodic slip and the weak seismic wavefield near Anza, CA

Nov. 17: Jerome Neufeld, Cambridge University, Fluid Deformation of the Solid Earth: Bending and Breaking Rock and Ice

Dec. 1: Thomas Kruijer, LLNL, Timescales of Jupiter’s growth inferred from isotopic analyses of meteorites

Dec. 8: Nana Yoshimitsu, Stanford, Toward the robust stress drop estimates for induced earthquakes in Oklahoma